Evita (The Theater Barn): "In the small role of Peron's mistress, Shelley Farmer is most effective sharing the most interesting lyric of the show with Eva, "Another Suitcase in Another Hall." She is the truly overlooked character in this show and Farmer makes the most of her opportunity to shine."

The Light in the Piazza (Columbia University): "...Farmer lends a degree of gravitas and skill that is well beyond her years, expertly transitioning from worried, to dominating, to apologetic at the drop of a hat. Her voice captures every ounce of emotion that she wishes to express." 


Carousel (Columbia University): "...this production is marvelous and a serious delight." 

Opera Untapped, "The Merry Widow" (Columbia University): "Shelley Farmer, BC'14, showed her directorial skill with Candide last fall, and proved her worth again here. Farmer knows how to present a scene....It was a triumphant ending to an enjoyable night." 

Candide (Columbia University): "...Candide was an utter delight. Full of nonstop laughs and smiling positivity, audience members couldn't not enjoy it....the cast and crew pulled out all the stops to make this the best of all possible college Candides."